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Can tea tree soap cure skin conditions?

Can tea tree soap cure skin conditions?

My absolute favorite essential oils for Handmade Soap is Tea Tree.  I started using the oil by itself years ago to treat itchy insect bites, and skin rashes.  I quickly learned that it’s great for just about any skin issues!  

Tea tree soap                             organic trea tree soap

The oil itself goes back thousands of years for treating many conditions, including respiratory systems, infections, acne, sunburns and much more; some estimates report hundreds of uses!  You can find many reputable sources online to get more information about Tea Tree Oil or you can always just try it for yourself.


As with any natural cures and ointments you want to proceed with caution.  Tea Tree Oil is very potent on its own and is usually mixed with a carrier oil such as olive oil or grape seed oil before being applied topically.  The good news is that not much of the oil is required in creams, soaps and medicines in order for you to benefit from its healing properties.

You also want to find a pure Tea Tree essential oil because not all manufacturers are created equal.  I have searched many companies and have had my share of failure.  I currently use Essential Depot for most of my essential oils and fragrance oils (there is a difference) but there are of course a ton of companies out there.  

I would encourage anyone that has never tried Handmade Soap to start with Tea Tree Soap or unscented Shea Butter Soap first.  Its mild enough for your skin and has a refreshing scent, it was one of the first soaps I ever made and a fan favorite.  Have a look at what we have below in the link.

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