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Artisan Soap Bars
Artisan Soap Bars
Artisan Soap Bars
Artisan Soap Bars
Artisan Soap Bars
Artisan Soap Bars
Artisan Soap Bars

5 Handmade Soap Bars, 4OZ Each, Soap Bundle, Artisan Soap

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5 Bars of the best variety soaps we have to offer!  Discover your favorite scents that you and your family will enjoy!  Give some away as a gift to friends!

If you are a fan of natural products and support others that provide them, this is a great way to explore the best bar soaps that SheaGarden has on the top shelf.

Features of this bundle:

  • Balanced selection of handmade soaps
  • Men, women, any age
  • Natural vegan ingredients
  • Shea butter, coconut oil, olive oil
  • For all skin types
  • Each soap bar approx. 4oz
  • Handmade 


Scents may include:   

   • Almond cherry 

   • Almond coconut 

   • Apple Pie

   • Cookies & cappuccino 

   • Citrus blast

   • Earth & musk 

   • Herb & Mint

   • French vanilla 

   • Garden Flower

   • Hippie Soap 

   • Japanese Tea

   • Lavender 

   • Lemon pine

   • Fresh cotton 

   • Charcoal black soap

   • Unscented shea butter

   • Tea Tree

   • Winter Blossom 

   • Zesty Orange 



Other scents often become available throughout the year.  Due to the time it takes to create and cure the soaps, we cannot guarantee any of the scents will be  available at the time of your order.


Made with Shea Butter, Coconut Oil, Olive Oil, Essential Oils.  These ingredients are rejuvenating and healthy for your skin.  The Shea butter has natural healing properties that are kept in tact since we use raw and unrefined oils and butters.  Coconut oil is very good for a bubbly fresh lather and cleansing during your bath.  Olive oil creates a mild bar of soap that is great for sensitive skin and it also makes a firm bar that last a long time.

Each of these ingredients have been sampled, tested, and reviewed in order to make the best quality bar of soap for your hand/body/face.  Even the ratios have been adjusted just right to bring you the best vitamins and cleansing properties, as well as a great lather and of course, bubbles!

Scents may include:  Tea Tree, Peppermint, Fresh Cotton, Rosemary, Pumpkin Spice, Lavender, Lemon Pine, Flower Power, Candy Apple, Patchouli, Bubblegum, Unscented Shea and more!

Want More Soaps at a discounted rate?  Try our Bulk option.

This value deal is subject to availability.  Because of the volume of sales, we can not guarantee that any particular scent will be available.  If there are any scents that you are allergic to or absolutely would not want in your order then feel free to message us during purchase or soon after at:


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