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Bath & Body Gift Sets
Bath & Body Gift Sets
Bath & Body Gift Sets
Bath & Body Gift Sets

Bath & Body Gift, Spa Package

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You will love this package when it arrives in your mailbox, so would your friends and family.  The perfect gift!


  • 2 full size soap bars (4oz) 


  • 1 Natural lotion (4oz)


  • 1 Organic lip balm


  • 1  100% Organic Shea butter sample



Choose your lotion at check out and let us choose two of our top selling soap bars or leave us a note so we know what scents you prefer.


Note:  We cannot guarantee any particular soap scent is in stock, however we will do our best to accommodate your request.


Handmade soap scents:


   • Almond cherry 

   • Almond coconut 

   • Apple Pie

   • Cookies & cappuccino 

   • Citrus blast

   • Earth & musk 

   • Herb & Mint

   • French vanilla 

   • Garden Flower

   • Hippie Soap 

   • Japanese Tea

   • Lavender 

   • Lemon pine

   • Fresh cotton 

   • Charcoal black soap

   • Unscented shea butter

   • Tea Tree

   • Winter Blossom 






The shea butter sample is a real treat and bonus to this package because it 100% raw and unrefined, imported from the Sahel region in Africa.  This is the real deal natural shea butter that you will not find in stores!


Note:  Raw unrefined shea butter is refined by roasting nuts from the karite tree and then harvesting pure natural butter paste from the nut.  Because of the pure harvest method that has been used for centuries in Africa, it leaves the butter with a smokey roasted scent that US manufacturers bleach out and destroy most of the vitamins and healthy benefits.  You will always know if your shea. Utter is pure by the scent of this beautiful and natural roasted aroma.


Raw shea butter can be applied to your hair, body, hands, face, feet, and much more, you can even cook with it or eat it!


We use shea butter in all of our products because we believe it is the best oil or butter that can be applied to human skin.  There simply is no substitute.


If you have any special requests for this package feel free to leave us a note during checkout.


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