Bundle & Save On Natural Bath Products
Bundle & Save On Natural Bath Products
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Sanitizer And Disinfectant, 70% Isopropyl Alcohol
Sanitizer And Disinfectant, 70% Isopropyl Alcohol

Sanitizer And Disinfectant, 70% Isopropyl Alcohol

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Isopropyl alcohol and essential oils. Unscented option available.

• Hand sanitizer
• Multipurpose cleaner
• 70% Isopropyl alcohol
• Disinfectant
• Essential oils
• Fast shipping


This product contains 70% isopropyl alcohol and is not safe to swallow. Do not use around eyes. Do not keep In the reach of children. This item is meant as a disinfectant and cleaner which means it is a strong chemical so please use cautiously.

I keep a bottle of this natural essential oil cleaner in the bathroom, car, and kitchen at all times. It works great to wipe toilet seats, sinks, or small spills in the kitchen. You can use it for almost any surface, Including sanitizing your hands!

We mix 100% isopropyl alcohol with our essential oil disinfectant recipe.

SheaGarden has been serving the community with these products long before any virus hit our culture. We believe in living a healthy life at all times. We are not a quick build shop that is trying to capitalize on a pandemic. We will continue to serve you as we always have.

The fragrance is strong and natural with pure, therapeutic grade essential oils, mild organic soap, distilled water, and isopropyl alcohol.

Display this natural cleaning spray where your guests can see and use it for a quick clean up, they will surely compliment you on its uniqueness!


Safe for most any surface accept wood or painted material. Not harmful to pets or the environment.


Simple but effective ingredients that work with each other to make the perfect antibacterial, disinfectant, and cleaner. The refreshing natural fragrance will last after you wipe your surface.


8oz with fine mist spraying cap.
8oz with lotion style dispenser cap
8oz 70% isopropyl alcohol refill

Note: We will never price gouge our customers. Unfortunately, due to the outrageous prices we are having to pay for alcohol and bottles, there is a small increase in price. We could easily double or triple the price according to what these products are going for but that is not how we wish to do business. We will contribute to the handmade community honorably as we always have. We thank our loyal customers and hope you all stay safe and healthy during this difficult time.


Question: What is sprayer will not work?

Answer: Unscrew top to let air in and pump the sprayer to prime the tube.

If that does not work, try unscrewing the top and cut a small piece of the long tube incase it is clogged or blocked.

Question: What if bottle is almost empty but will not expel the rest of liquid?

Answer: Add alcohol and or water to remaining liquid to continue use.


The 70% alcohol refill bottle option is unscented isopropyl alcohol without anything added

Due to the short supply of bottles during this time, there may be a variety of bottles with different colors or shape. All bottles will still equal 8 ounces and that is guaranteed.

The longest shipping delays we have experienced from the normal allowance has only been 1-2 days. Most orders are filled within 1-2 business days, however, Due to the large number of orders please be patient if it is not our normal super fast shipping. If you do need a rush order, please leave a note and we will do our best.