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Read This Before You Use Peppermint Essential Oil!

Read This Before You Use Peppermint Essential Oil!

Besides the candy canes that are popular around the holiday season, what is peppermint oil used for and what is it's benefit?  Well I will tell you but first let me share a little story about how strong this natural oils is.

When I started making Soap sometime ago I used to get a lot of request for Peppermint Soap.  Even though I do like this scent, it was not top priority on my list.  After making so many different types of soaps that I know are great for healthy skin such as Tea Tree and other soaps with natural ingredients, I would still  get many requests for Peppermint Soap, so finally, I decided to listen to my customers and make it. 

I used a manufacturer that I trusted (because you can't trust them all) and ordered some pure peppermint essential oil.  I was pleased with the product after initial testing and I felt it would be a good fit for my soap products.

The smell?  Great!

The oil substance?  Great!

The price?  Great!

Time to make some soap!

On the first batch, I whipped all of my ingredients together as I usually do and everything was moving along and going great.  There are a few dangerous parts to making soap so I, almost always use gloves.  This time, however I was in a hurry to get this great product out to my customers so I skipped the gloves and went straight to work!

After I started my little kitchen soap factory up (note: its not a real factory and my wife hates the mess lol) the whole house was smelling wonderful like a candy cane shop!  It was truly amazing and unique compared to other essential oils that I have used.  There was only one problem..  I got the oil soaked in my hands!  I didn't think much of it because the oil is nontoxic or harmful on normal skin so I continued working without another thought. 

Finally, I got everything put into soap molds and cleaned up the mess (Your welcome Wifey.)  Now lets pop the top on a beer take a break and relax!  

Oh, wait...  Why are my eye's burning!??  Omg!  My face is on fire!!!

I quickly rushed back into the kitchen to flush my eye's and face because I seem to have rubbed the oil all over myself! Ok, before I tell you the rest of my kitchen adventure let me first get to the original point of this post.  

First let me say, I know now, and can explain to you, that peppermint essential oil is a really strong oil and is wonderful for many soothing things such as a decongestant, antiseptic, or just a therapeutic and refreshing feeling to your skin.

There are many types and breeds of peppermint plants that are grown in many areas of the world but it was originally from the Mediterranean region.  Peppermint essential oil is commonly extracted from piperita which is a hybrid of watermint (M. aquatica) and spearmint (M. spicata.  It is not harmful or irritant for most anyone's skin.  The oil goes back thousands of years and has treated mental, physical, and infectious ailments to people all over the world.  So many of these great plants and oils have been forgotten in our day and age of pharmaceutical dependency.  There are those of us, however that are doing our best to bring back some of this knowledge and promote plant based foods and cures.  You are welcome to join our mission and learn more about these subjects by checking out our website below.  Don't forget to sign up to our email newsletter list!

  Peppermint Plant

So, what ever happened to my burning face you ask?  Well, after I flushed my face with copious amounts of water, guess what?  Nothing!  In fact, I believe it made it worse since it only aided in spreading the oil around a bit but not removing it.  Having such a high concentration of pure essential oil soaked into my skin was not going to be cured with just a little water splashing.  The good news is that it was not really painful or harmful to me, it's just that it shocked me at first as I had not felt that type of intense burning all over my skin before.  Much like pepper spray, the effect of the oils eventually goes away on its own.  No lasting impression or damage, just an eventful experience and lesson learned...  Always wear gloves when dealing with pure essential oils!  I also realized there is a special balance needed when making soap using this strong oil.  I have since tested the ratios to make the perfect balance of peppermint essential oil that is therapeutic for your skin and health.

Oh, and in case your wondering about how the soap came out?  Perfect!  It is one of my most popular scents and will give you a great crisp feeling all over Your body with a therapeutic bonus during your shower.  Take a look for yourself below

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