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Learn About Handmade Soaps & Essential Oils.

Five Artisan Soap Uses You May Not Have Thought Of

Five Artisan Soap Uses You May Not Have Thought Of

Soap is much more versatile than we often give it credit. Most of us think of soap as a good emulsifying and cleansing agent for both hand and body...
Handmade Soap

Handmade Vegan Bar Soap-Dangers of Off-the-Shelf Soaps, Taking Care of Your Skin with Organic Soaps

Soaps are meant to not only to clean the body surface, but to contribute to the general health a person through eliminating all life-threatening microorganisms and dirt that are detrimental to health.
Peppermint Essential Oil

Read This Before You Use Peppermint Essential Oil!

Besides the candy canes that are popular around the holiday season, what is peppermint oil used for and what is it's benefit?  Well I will tell you...
Vitellaria Paradoxa

Where Does Shea Butter Come From?

All of these skin products we see in the store love to put the words 'Shea' on the description but why?  What is Shea? Why do I want it on my skin?...
tea tree bar soap

Tea Tree Soap Has Many Skin Benefits. What Are They?

My absolute favorite essential oils for Handmade Soap is Tea Tree.  I started using the oil by itself years ago to treat itchy insect bites, and sk...
Natural Soap

What Is Handmade Soap Made Of? Should I Be Using It?

The short answer is, yes you should.  'But it's so expensive and hard to find the right one,  Is it really worth it?' Yes it does cost more than re...