Should I use natural soap?

The short answer is, yes you should.  But it's so expensive and hard to find!  Yes it does cost more than regular soap and it can be tricky to find a trusted brand that you like, however, the benefits are worth it.  Try to think of soap like you would your favorite meats at the grocery store.  You and I both know that if we only buy sausage, bacon, and processed canned meat that our heart and blood pressure would eventually have a melt down.  So what do we do?  We try our best to split the difference and get that healthy and lean chicken breast and turkey to even it out.  Well it's somewhat the same with skin products.


The good news is that we can enjoy 100% of the soap we use and really do not have to give up anything as good as a good ole slice of bacon!  In fact, most anyone will enjoy natural and organic soap much more that the store bought ones.  The bonus part is that it really is not any more expensive when you add up the cost correctly.  Most handmade soap is crafted using natural ingredients that have a longer lasting bar than the products they sell you at the store, some Handmade Soap even last twice as long as normal ones!  Just that benefit alone can even the cost out but there is another thing to consider. How much moisturizer do you have to use to counteract the drying conditions that cheap soap leaves you with?  How much time and effort do you spend on rubbing lotions and creams because your skin is just not right after that shower?  Is it really worth it?  Not to us, which is why we craft and use our own natural and pure soap. 

With many Handcrafted Soaps, all the raw nutrients that are good for our skin and healthy for our body are still within the soap itself.  It has not been refined and processed so that the good stuff is removed.  With these facts in mind wouldn't it be worth it to make the switch to organic soap?  Are you willing to try something new that your body and health will benefit from for years to come?  It is a great time to join the millions that have given up those heavily marketed cheap store products and switch over to the real and natural stuff!  Find out more.

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