Bundle & Save On Natural Bath Products
Bundle & Save On Natural Bath Products
wholesale tea tree soap
Whole Loaf, Tea Tree Soap, Uncured, Strong Scented Soap, Raw Plant Ingredients,
Whole Loaf, Tea Tree Soap, Uncured, Strong Scented Soap, Raw Plant Ingredients,

Whole Loaf, Tea Tree Soap, Uncured, Strong Scented Soap, Raw Plant Ingredients,

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Tea Tree Soap is the most beneficial soap bar for your skin.  It has always been one of SheaGarden’s best seller and my personal favorite.  This is a rare and special offer to my best customers.  


Handmade soap takes an average of six weeks to cure.  During this time the soap bar is very fragrant and soft.  This is perfect for decorating your bathroom or kitchen with a delightful and natural essential oil scent.  The soap is safe to use right away, however it is best used when hardened.  The benefit of uncured soap is definitely the fragrance and freshness!


I offer this specially uncured soap loaf due to the high volume of orders I receive for the cured soap bar.  This is an opportunity to get your Tea Tree soap before I list it.  I also realize that some people (like myself) enjoy the fresh and new scent of a handmade soap right when it is cut.

You will receive one loaf (10 soap bars 4oz each) per order.  If you would like to receive this loaf uncut into bars just leave a message when placing order.  The loaf will be soft and easily cut with a knife to the size you wish.


Tea Tree Oil combined with our special Raw Shea Butter formula has been known to treat skin conditions such as:










   •Dry Skin




   •Overall Skin Health




Made with Vegan oils: Shea Butter, Coconut Oil, Olive Oil, Essential Oils.


These ingredients are rejuvenating and healthy for your skin, perfect for self care or essential oil gift! All vegan Soap


The Shea butter has natural healing properties that are kept in tact since we use raw and unrefined oils and butters.  Coconut oil is very good for a bubbly fresh lather and cleansing during your bath.  Olive oil creates a mild bar of soap that is great for sensitive skin and it also makes a firm bar that last a long time.


Each of the oils and fats used have been sampled, tested, and reviewed in order to make the best quality bar of soap for your hand/body/face.  The ratios are adjusted just right to bring you the best vitamins and cleansing properties, as well as a great lather and of course, bubbles!


All Soap bars are homemade and vary in size and weight.  Average bar size is 4 ounces.





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Keep uncured soap bars in a cool environment that is not too humid.  Use whenever soap bar is hard when pressing with your fingertips.  Soap is safe for use at time of delivery but will last longer when fully cured for 3-6 weeks after delivery.  


Uncured soap orders will take 2-4 days after order confirmation before being ready to ship




Thank-you for your support and hopefully your business